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Waterfront District, Portland

Commercial Street is located in Portland, Maine. This street’s uses from the 1850’s through today have changed over and over while always remaining Portland’s working waterfront. Commercial Street was built on old fishing and cargo piers, widening the road for railroad use to bring products to and from Portland to the rest of the United States and Eurorpe. You can walk Commercial Street today and feel the life that it has given the area throughout the years. The historical buildings stand tall and firm with their granite stones. Cobblestone streets and railroad tracks are still being used today. Portland’s shipping port has grown over the years as well unloading their cargo on Commercial Street. The 1970’s brought a surge of development on this street when the fishermen, sailors and small businesses were unable to keep their property because of a weakening economy. Properties were sold and bought up by real estate developers. It took some time to reach the balance that Commercial Street enjoys now. Today the street shares its fishing piers, docks, seafood processing, retail markets, boating supplies stores, and Portland’s international freight business with todays ever growing tourism, residential housing, boutique shops, restaurants, bars and business offices. Commercial Street is now a destination for cruise ships thought the spring, summer and fall.This area has it all. If you get a chance to visit, you will never want to leave!!

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Deering Center, Portland

Deering is a great community within the city of Portland. The community of Deering has a population of just over 30,000 people. This area has a rich history beginning as part of Falmouth. Portland broke off from the town of Falmouth back in 1786. Westbrook followed Portland’s lead in 1814 and also broke off from Falmouth. The section of Westbrook closest to Portland became the town of Deering back in 1871 and was annexed by the city of Portland in 1899. Its iconic avenues; Stevens, Allen, Forest, Ocean and Washington are the main thoroughfares fairs between Portland, Westbrook, Windham and Falmouth. These roads began as single roads bringing goods and people in and out of the area by horse car and electric trollies. The area grew quickly as a residential neighborhood with folks working in the areas of textiles, fisheries, farms and more. Today Deering is known for its small community feel and ease within Maine’s largest city, Portland. The area is very family orientated with it’s “Porchfest”,, “Deering Oaks Family Festival” and Farmer’s Markets. There are many parks in the area to enjoy hiking, biking, walking, picnics, sledding, ice skating and just playing. Deering Oaks Park, Presumpscot Park, Mayor Baxter Woods and Edward Payson Park are just a few. There are plenty of great places to eat in Deering as well: Bogusha's Polish Restaurant & Deli, Bruno’s Restaurant and Tavern, Pella Seafood, The Bayou Kitchen, Ellsmere BBQ and The Knotted Apron are a handful of the local favorites. People living in this community love the short commute to work into Portland, or to Westbrook, Falmouth Freeport and South Portland. Public transportation is widely available here as well. You get the best of both worlds with Deering Center and North Deering. A small community feel and all the amenities of a larger city. You just can’t go wrong.

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West End, Portland

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West Bayside, Portland

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East Bayside / India Street, Portland

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East End, Portland

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Arts District, Portland

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The Old Port, Portland

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Since first being incorporated in 1652, York has become a popular stop for visitors to the New England area. Located in the southern part of Maine, York is a great place for travelers and locals to get a little closer with nature. York's Wild Kingdom Zoo and Fun Park is a top attraction in the area for families and individuals of all ages. Enjoy seeing and interacting with a wide range of animals while learning fun facts and interesting tidbits about each one. There are also a number of other activities to enjoy here, so it is suggested you plan a long day at this wild attraction. Enjoy a day at the beach while you're in York with a number of popular water nooks and areas. Long Sands Beach and Short Sands Beach can both provide a fun day for you or a whole group to enjoy the water, the sun, and beautiful natural surroundings. The Cliff Walk is a short little area right along the harbor that provides an easy walk for couples and families with kids. If you want to enjoy some time indoors sharing some laughs, the Wiggle Bridge Distillary is a popular stop for locals and visitors to the area. Take in some of the rich history of the York area with a visit to the Old York Historical Gallery or the George Marshall Store Gallery.

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If you're visiting New England, then you are going to want to take in the small-town charm of Wells, Maine. Founded in 1643, Wells has a long and rich history in the area that provides several unique points of interest. The Storer Garrison State Historic Site is a popular visitor attraction that honors the important role of the garrison located on this site during the French and Indian Wars. Continue your old world charm and history lesson with plenty of antique shops in the area.Wells is a small town near the coast of Maine that offers a wide assortment of activities that cater to the outdoor and nature lover in all of us. Wells Beach is the top spot for water lovers to get their fix of fun in the sun, but it is far from the only spot around. Drake Island Beach is another popular spot to enjoy the amazing Maine coastline. Step away from the beach for some more fun. Wells Reserve at Laudholm gives a more relaxing way to just sit back and enjoy the beautiful nature all around you. Sometimes, you need to escape nature and just relax indoors. The Hidden Cove Brewing Company is a top spot for locals and visitors to the area to grab a drink and share some laughs with friends. There is plenty of shopping available in Wells, Maine, with books shops and farmer's markets scattered around the area.

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Kennebunkport, ME, is well-known as the vacation destination and family home for former President George H.W. Bush and his son, former President George W. Bush. However, this coastal community is also beloved by tourists and locals for its many beautiful oceanfront parks, shopping and family-friendly activities.Walker's Point is highly rated by guests visiting Kennebunkport. This is the Bush family home, and it sits along the coast. Although the property is private, visitors can walk or drive past. For a public beachfront, visit the Kennebunk Beach. Dotted with large granite rocks, this public beach features a long stretch of sand that is ideal for meandering walks.For more excitement, visit the Patten's Berry Farm and Restaurant. During the summer and autumn months of the year, Patten's Berry Farm offers a farmer's market with fresh fruits and vegetables. All year long, guests can enjoy homemade whoopie pies, berry pies and cobblers with ice cream or other freshly-baked treats. Pick up a package of hand-poured fudge or muffins for the ride home or a picnic at the Goat Island Lighthouse.People interested in local history could visit the Saint Ann's Church. The outdoor chapel offers a view of the ocean. The primary church offers historic brick and stone construction and elegant stained glass windows. Regular Catholic services are held at the church. Guests could also check out the Seashore Trolley Museum for a glimpse of history. This is the world's largest electric trolley museum, and it includes more than 320 street cars.

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The state of Maine is made up of several small towns. Kennebunk is one of those towns. As of 2017, it had a population of 11,380. The town was founded on June 24, 1820, so when you visit this part of the country, you can expect to see some historical landmarks. There is also plenty of nature to explore in the outdoors. Kennebunkport is situated west of Kennebunk and can be reached in 12 minutes by car when taking the ME-9A W. Here are three things to do in Kennebunk, Maine.Ocean AvenueOcean Avenue is described as a beautiful drive that features the ocean, mansions and shops. Along the road, there are several opportunities to stop and park. You can also see the late and former President of the United States George Bush's old vacation home. Shopping opportunities include quaint art galleries, local craft shops and clothing boutiques. For many, though, the ocean is the star.Seashore Trolley MuseumThe Seashore Trolley Museum is located in Kennebunkport, Maine, just a short drive from Kennebunk. It is the largest museum of mass transit vehicles as well as the oldest. The focus is trolley cars. Several exhibits are held there throughout the year. In 2019, exhibits included History in Motion: Public Transportation Connecting Maine Communities.Goose Rocks BeachGoose Rocks Beach is also located in Kennebunkport and a short drive from Kennebunk. Known as a family-friendly beach, it is well-kept. It allows for about three miles of walking, sunning and gazing.

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Biddeford is situated in York County in the state of Maine. It is the principal commercial center for this county. The 2010 census reported a population of 21,277. Nearby twin city Saco includes Biddeford Pool, Fortunes Rocks and Granite Point. Here are three things to do in Biddeford, Maine. Biddeford City TheaterThe Biddeford City Theater is a historical landmark. An arts venue that holds performances year-round, it is considered to be an important cultural center, too. It hosts two performances by the University of England annually. The City Theater Associates produce five performances a year, as well, at this restored Victorian opera house. The Shops at Biddeford CrossingIn between exploring nature and culture in Biddeford, Maine, you might consider heading over to The Shops at Biddeford Crossing for some shopping. This is an outdoor shopping that has 2,300 parking spaces and about 30 stores. Whether you need to stock up on your beauty supplies, new clothes or new shoes, you can find them here. There are also dining options. Rachel Carson National Wildlife RefugeLike other cities in Maine, there is no shortage of things to do in the outdoors. Hiking, boating and swimming are some activities. Visiting the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge is another. Here visitors can participate in hunting, wildlife viewing and fishing. In Biddeford, you can find the Timber Point Trail, a 1.25-mile walk. On this trail, walkers and hikers will see a number of different habitats and end up at the Atlantic Ocean

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Old Orchard Beach

Consistently voted Maine's Best Beach, Old Orchard Beach features a 7-mile long stretch of scenic sandy shores. Kids will enjoy splashing in the waves, making sand castles, or go for a dip in the gentle surf. For a more active beach activity, it is best to settle near the Pier so you can have easy access to wonderful local cuisine, drinks and games. A lot of beachgoers often gather together near The Pier so if you a want a more peaceful and quieter day, you can head to either end of the beach. There are a number of boat companies that rent rafting tours, fishing tours, lobster tours, and many more. You can enjoy a chartered fishing trip from Camp Ellis or Pine Point that will be a big hit to both beginner and expert anglers. The marine ecosystem here is very rich and as a prime fishing spot, the Saco River will definitely reward you with a striped bass, bluefish or mackerel. If you a little more adventure, book any of the canoe and kayak tours and explore the Saco River as well as the nearby Scarborough salt marsh. More than just a quaint little beach town, Old Orchard Beach has plenty to offer.

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Saco, Maine is at the south coast of Maine and is recognized for its high quality of life. Historically in the industrial age, Saco was known as a leader of textile manufacturing. Saco is located between 7 miles of sandy ocean beaches and the beautiful Saco River. Today the city is known and praised for its quality labor force and great business atmosphere. The residents of Saco have roots from Europe and Quebec, which brings out the cultural diversity that plays a role in making this a great place to live.

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New Gloucester

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Sebago is a small town of less than 2,000 people in the western corner of populous Cumberland County, Maine. Most of its total area is composed of Sebago Lake, the second largest lake in the state with 105 miles of shoreline. Sebago Lake State Park is located on the lake's northern shore in the cities of Naples and Casco; it takes less than 20 minutes to drive there from Sebago.Things to Do in SebagoThose who enter the state park will have access to sandy beaches, forests, ponds and the Songo River. Families will especially love the two campgrounds, Naples Beach and Witch Cove, which come with 250 sites. There are marked hiking trails and roads for biking. On the east side of the park (Casco side) are groomed trails for cross-country skiing as well as snowshoeing. The Naples side has several miles of ungroomed trails for cross-country skiers. Golf fans can check out Point Sebago Golf Course in Casco.Lake Sebago itself is an ideal spot for swimming, canoeing and boating. It provides great opportunities for fishing year-round. Ever year during the summer, the public can board the Songo River Queen II, a handsomely made replica of an old paddle steamer, for a cruise upon the lake.North of Sebago is the city of Bridgton, known for its annual Art in the Park event. To the east is the city of Windham, which boasts an outdoor fun center called Seacoast Adventure. The parks are open only for certain seasons, but it's all free admittance.

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Raymond could be described as a sleepy town that sees the most action during the summer months when residents and tourists enjoy the outdoor elements the Portland–South and Portland–Biddeford area has to offer. During the 2010 census, this small town only consisted of 4,436 residents that grew to 4,497 in 2017. Here are three things to do in Raymond, Maine:Sebago Lake State ParkRaymond Neck is the area where the ferry for Frye Island in Sebago Lake lands. The Lake is the second-largest in Maine. It takes up a total of 28,771 acres, and there is plenty to do in and around it including swimming, boating and fishing.Tassel Top ParkTassel Top Park is also a beach. It is situated off Sebago Lake and takes up 35 acres of land. Picnic tables, outdoor grills and changing rooms are at the disposal of outdoor adventurers. Although swimming is allowed, this is not an area that is supervised by lifeguards. A .90-mile walking path allows wanderers to explore a small portion of Maine woods. When you need a break or some food, head over to the Snack Shack. Rattlesnake Mountain TrailThe Rattlesnake Mountain Trail is a 2.5 miles long and can be reached through the Bri-Mar Trail. It can be accessed year-round although hikers and walkers are encouraged to exercise caution during the winter months. It includes spectacular views of the Panther Lake as well as other nature elements.

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Located along the shores of Sebago Lake, the small town of Standish, Maine, offers many family-friendly attractions. One of the first stops to visit is the Steep Falls Wildlife Management Area. It offers groomed hiking trails, woodlands, wetlands and canoeing areas. The nature area has restroom facilities and is open from sunrise until sunset.Take the whole family for a day of fun at the Seacoast Adventure. Race each other on the go-karts, ride the 100-foot sea swing or play a few rounds of miniature golf. During the summertime, the Adventure Cove water park area offers water slides, a wave pool, sprinkling fountains and more.People who enjoy musicals or theatrical productions could get tickets to a performance at the Schoolhouse Arts Center. Each year, community actors put on plays and productions for children, families and adults. The Schoolhouse Arts Center is handicap-accessible.History buffs and architecture fans should visit the Marrett House. This house was built in the 1780s and is the home of the area's first parson. Constructed in a Greek Revival style, it now houses a museum with original and replica furnishings. Scheduled tours and self-guided tours are available. Each October, the Marrett House has an open house and arts festival.Pick up an antique or handmade gift at the Sebago Lake Trading Company. It has some hand-crafted replicas as well as original items from the area's first settlers. The Sebago Lake Trading Company is located close to several restaurants and delis for a relaxing afternoon visit.

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Freeport, Maine is a small town with spectacular scenery and charming shops. No matter what season of the year a person visits, there are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy. One of the top destinations is Wolfe's Neck Woods State Park. It offers a mix of coastal areas with both rocky and sandy beaches and woods that are ideal for hiking. Be sure to bring a pair of binoculars and a camera for birding and taking photos of the sunrise and scenery.Another place to check out is Bradbury Mountain State Park. The best time of the year to visit is in late September through mid-October, when the leaves change color. There are hikes for all ability levels, and mountain biking is allowed in the park. The hike to the summit is easy enough for young children to complete.For fun indoor activities, visit the When Pigs Fly Bakery. This family-owned and operated bakery offers a wide selection of freshly baked breads, cookies, pies, butters and more. Visitors are invited to try as many samples as they like in order to decide which options to buy for the trip home.Adults may want to visit the Maine Beer Company, which offers tours and a tasting room. Specializing in craft and seasonal beers, the offerings vary from one month to the next. There are often food trucks in the parking lot, so guests can make an evening out of pretzels or pizza and a new type of micro brew.

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When you travel to the state of Maine, one town you can visit is Gorham. The town's population is estimated to be 18,075 in 2020. Located in Cumberland County, there are plenty of things to do like hiking the local trails, visiting Sebago Brewing Co., and so much more. Here are three local attractions and things you can do in Gorham, Maine.Babb's Covered BridgeThe current Babb's Covered Bridge is a restoration of the old bridge that was burned down in 1973. The original was built in 1843. It is situated over the Presumpscot River. The replica was finished in 1976. Maine is a historical state. For this reason, there are plenty of landmarks to visit. At one point, the state had 150 covered bridges. When the MaineDOT oversaw the rebuild, they ensured that authentic methods were used.Shaw ParkAnd short float down the river from Babb's Bridge is Shaw Park. From hiking part of the Eastern Mountain Trail, to swimming right on the beach, to the playground and baseball field, you can spend an entire day here. It's even dog friendly, and has a launch for your canoe or kayak. Sebago Brewing Co.For great beer, great food, and great times, you'll definitely want to visit the TWO Sebago Brewing Co. locations in Gorham! Their Gorham Brew Pub located in the Village (close to the great shops of Gorham), and The Tasting Room at The Brewery, where you can enjoy wood-fired pizzas and other tasty treats, and even tour the brewery, 7 days a week.

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Naples is located in the Portland–South and Portland–Biddeford area of Maine. The 2010 census reported that it had a population of 3,872 that grew to 3,963 in 2017. Naples, Maine is considered to be a resort area that consists of several outdoor activity opportunities like hiking, sailing and swimming. Here are three local attractions to consider visiting.Songo River Queen IIThe Songo River Queen II is a replica of the Mississippi River Paddle Wheelers. At 93 feet long and 23 feet wide, it weighs over 100 tons. It has two decks and a capacity of 350. Weddings, corporate outings and bus tours are just some of the events it has hosted in the past. During its season, daily boat runs take passengers out on the Songo River for a better view of what it and nature have to offer.Steamboat Landing Mini GolfThere is no shortage of outdoor activities in Naples, Maine. When you would like to take a break from hiking, sailing and swimming, you can head over to Steamboat Landing Mini Golf. Other mini golf spots have to import their natural elements. The Steamboat Landing incorporated Naples' natural surroundings. During the summer months, there are plenty of trees that provide shade and benches for resting.Long Lake Long Lake is located near Naples, Maine between Bridgton and Harrison. Receding glaciers made this particular lake, which is why when you visit, you will find several coves and rocks perfect for exploring and gazing.

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Windham is a quaint little town in Cumberland County, Maine, United States. Its location is comparatively close to Portland, Maine’s largest city. It was originally settled by farmers before the middle of the 18th century and even with today’s modern living, agriculture has remained an important part of its residents until the development of industry using the power created from water.Apart from visiting historical sites, Windham offers a lot of wonderful things both for local residents and visitors. Entertainment facilities like the Summit Adventures offer children and adults a fun place to relax. Located on Roosevelt Trail close to the Windham Shopping Mall, this facility offers a lot of things to amuse children. From laser tag to mini golf and with a series of inflatable obstacles, there are tons of fun things to do here. And for those that love cooking and wants to learn from a top quality chef, Armand’s Kitchen Cooking Classes is located in this town.

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Yarmouth is a charming little town in Cumberland County in Maine, located twelve miles north of Portland. Although this town is just a few minutes away from Portland, the town’s ambiance is very strikingly different than that of the city. This is a very laidback, peaceful place that only seems to get busy during the Yarmouth Clam Festival. Every July, local residents and visitors flock to one of the best summer celebrations in the state to get their fill of Maine clams or be part of various fun events such as the Firefighter’s Muster Competition and Fun Run. Yarmouth is situated on the coast of Casco Bay and encompasses the communities of Little John Island and Cousins Island, both easily reached by bridge. Yarmouth is also a popular spot for boaters with two full-service marinas along the Royal River – the Yankee Marina and the Yarmouth Boat Yard.

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Cumberland is a quaint little town in Cumberland County situated on the coast of Southern Maine in United States. It is part of the Portland–South Portland–Biddeford, Maine Metropolitan Statistical Area and is ideally located 11 miles northeast of the city of Portland and 11 miles southwest of Freeport. As such, Cumberland is considered as one of the wealthiest municipalities in the state.The town of Cumberland has been recognized as one of the most desirable and pleasant places to live and raise a family. This is also nationally ranked as one of the safest and smartest communities in the country. The town has a range of public parks and trails within the municipality including Broad Cove Reserve, Town Forest, Knight’s Pond Preserve, Twin Brook, Rines Forest, Val Halla, and West Cumberland Athletic Complex among others.

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There’s a reason people are moving into Falmouth, and not away, as well as why it has become a central hub for remote workers. What’s the reason, you may ask? It has tons of attractions and things to do. If you’re interests include boating, you’ve likely heard of Falmouth, due to the fact that it’s the home of the Portland Yacht Club. This is a perfect location due to the large beach and boat launch in Falmouth’s anchorage. Also, if you love nature, adventures, or birdwatching, you can visit the Gilsland Farm, a sanctuary spanning over 65 acres and home to a huge variety of birds!

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Cape Elizabeth

Cape Elizabeth is home to the world’s most photographed lighthouse: Portland Head Light. In addition to all that the lighthouse has to offer, Cape Elizabeth has a ton of different attractions. At Fort Williams Park, where Portland Head Light is located, you can find hiking trails, areas for sports and recreational activities, a museum, picnic facilities, and historic structures. In the town itself you’ll find many things to do. When it comes to dining, there’s no end to the fresh seafood options, especially those famous Maine lobsters. Cape Elizabeth is also dedicated to its rural roots, protecting and maintaining its Green Belt. Building is forbidden on this land so animals and plants can flourish in their natural habitats, while people can enjoy the trails. Additionally, there are two other state parks, one with a beach and one displaying rocky ocean views, as well as the Great Pond.

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Westbrook, Maine is a gem in the middle of Portland’s suburbs. Though overshadowed by Portland’s popularity, Westbrook holds its own as a popular destination to get away from the typical tourist crowds. The city is known for its fascinating history, the recent Ice Disk phenomenon, and its soon-to-be built “Rock Row”. With the wealth of history, strange yet fascinating natural phenomena, and a Row dedicated to your entertainment, Westbrook is the perfect place to visit for a good time, away from the typical tourist crowds you’ll find in nearby cities.

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If you are interested in the Maine coast, then probably you have already heard of Scarborough, which is situated at the southern coast of Maine. With a population of almost 19 thousand, Scarborough is a fantastic community full of activities. Scarborough has one of the finest public school system and culture in the entire US. With an impressive student-teacher ratio of 11 to 1, Scarborough public schools have maintained a 73% proficiency level in English and 59% proficiency level in Math. As a coastal town, it is pretty much expected that Scarborough would feature great beaches. But the beaches here have history attached to them. The Pine Point Beach is huge as it extends from the Pine Point jetty to Old Orchard Beach. Also, Higgins Beach is located within a neighborhood, dating back to the 18th century. Keep scrolling for local photography, things to do, places to dine and more!

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South Portland

South Portland is the fourth largest city of Maine, situated in Cumberland County. This is one of the most significant coastal cities of the U.S., overlooking Casco Bay islands and Portland skyline. The city was founded back in 1898, and it immediately became a hub of economic activities due to its close proximity to air, rail, marine, and highway transportation options.

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Portland is one of the largest cities in the state of Maine in United States, situated on a peninsula encompassing Casco Bay. A stroll inside and out of Old Port provides a perfect introduction to Portland's rich history, not to mention its exceptional food scene. The Old Port waterfront is among the top destinations for both locals and tourists with its working fishing wharves and rehabilitated warehouses that are converted into restaurants and shops. Close by is the Western Promenade which is a public park on the top of a bluff that provides magnificent views of the river and mountain. Its adjacent district, the West End, is packed with Victorian-era homes, including the Victoria Mansion museum.

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Penobscot COUNTY