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Commercial Street is located in Portland, Maine.  This street’s uses from the 1850’s through today have changed over and over while always remaining Portland’s working waterfront.   Commercial Street was built on old fishing and cargo piers, widening the road for railroad use to bring products to and from Portland to the rest of the United States and Eurorpe. You can walk Commercial Street today and feel the life that it has given the area throughout the years.  The historical buildings stand tall and firm with their granite stones.  Cobblestone streets and railroad tracks are still being used today.  Portland’s shipping port has grown over the years as well unloading their cargo on Commercial Street. 

The 1970’s brought a surge of development on this street when the fishermen, sailors and small businesses were unable to keep their property because of a weakening economy.  Properties were sold and bought up by real estate developers.  It took some time to reach the balance that Commercial Street enjoys now.  Today the street shares its fishing piers, docks, seafood processing, retail markets, boating supplies stores, and Portland’s international freight business with todays ever growing tourism, residential housing, boutique shops, restaurants, bars and business offices.    Commercial Street is now a destination for cruise ships thought the spring, summer and fall.

This area has it all.   If you get a chance to visit, you will never want to leave!!

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