Things You Didn’t Know About South Portland

South Portland is the fourth largest city of Maine, situated in Cumberland County. This is one of the most significant coastal cities of the U.S., overlooking Casco Bay islands and Portland skyline. The city was founded back in 1898, and it immediately became a hub of economic activities due to its close proximity to air, rail, marine, and highway transportation options. 

  1. It’s Not Actually Portland: Despite the name of the city, South Portland is actually a part of Cape Elizabeth, not Portland itself. Portland and Cape Elizabeth were parts of Falmouth once, then they broke away in 1765. South Portland was then a part of Cape Elizabeth. 
  2. Communal Harmony, More than Anyone Else: South Portland is by far not one of the most developed and modern cities of the U.S., but the residents don’t mind. Most of the people who grow up in South Portland don’t want to leave the town even if better economic opportunities are out there.
  1. Southern Maine Community College: South Maine Community College, widely known as SMCC, is one of the oldest colleges in the state. It was founded back in 1946, and now is the hub of 7006 students. Previously it was a vocational training institute that served the veterans of World War II. They used to learn new skills for surviving the post-war economy. 
  2. Local Chain Shops: As people of South Portland have a strong communal feeling, they prefer the local chains more than the national or even international ones. Restaurants and groceries that are run by the local people are more famous among the people compared to Walmart or Starbucks.
  3. Newcomers: South Portland is welcoming a lot of newcomers lately, as people from nearby areas are moving in due to the great environment and economic prospects of the city. People come here from Falmouth, Portland or even Massachusetts. This gives a new dimension to the diverse culture South Portland already has and opens up the doors of more opportunities. 

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