Things You Didn’t Know About Scarborough

If you are interested in coastal towns of the US, then probably you have already heard of Scarborough, which is situated at the southern coast of Maine. With a population of almost 19 thousand, Scarborough is a fantastic community full of activities.

Scarborough has one of the finest public school system and culture in the entire US. With an impressive student-teacher ratio of 11 to 1, Scarborough public schools have maintained a 73% proficiency level in English and 59% proficiency level in Math. The public schooling culture in Scarborough has made sure that a significant number of students graduating goes to college and universities for higher studies. 

As a coastal town, it is pretty much expected that Scarborough would feature great beaches. But the beaches here have history attached to them. The Pine Point Beach is huge as it extends from the Pine Point jetty to Old Orchard Beach. Also, Higgins Beach is located within a neighborhood, dating back to the 18th century. 

When Samuel de Champlain was on his voyage in 1604, Prouts Neck was discovered. Captain Thomas Cammock, nephew of the Earl of Warwick became the first settler here in 1631. Now it has become a vibrant seasonal summer community. The view is absolutely stunning, and the cottages are great to spend a nice holiday. 

If a list is made including all the best seafood places in the US, then you won’t have to make that list too big to include Scarborough. Scarborough features great restaurants which prepare a unique and diverse range of seafood. Restaurants like Bayley’s Lobster Pound, Bite Into Maine, The Clambake, etc. are serving the community for years, and outsiders come to these place very often to enjoy fresh seafood, almost every day.  

Probably this is one of the most exciting prospects of Scarborough. The Downs is a 500-acre mixed-use development project that is going to become a nice city center within a few years. It includes premium residential facilities, green space, recreational centers, commercial development, banquet halls and so on. No wonder this will be a great addition to the already great town of Scarborough! 


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