Buyer’s- Ready, Set, Go!

Put your running shoes on because you will need to be quick in this market. Here are some ways you can get into that new home that you’ve always wanted:

  • Show buyer’s that you are serious by getting pre-approved by a trusted lender.  We highly recommend Acadia Lending Group, Northpoint Mortgage and Northstar Mortgage.


Taylor LaPierre, Acadia Lending Group



P: (207) 232-1918


Casey Hamlin, Northpoint Mortgage



O: (207)558-1880 C: (207)749-6502


Kate DiBiase, Northstar Mortgage



P: (207)450-0440


  • Don’t waste any time!  Decide your absolute must haves as well as your wish list before you set out to look at properties.  We will set up an exclusive search for you.  This way you won’t waste any time looking at homes that don’t fit your needs.
  • Know where you want to be and be a little flexible.  Sometimes you can save a whole lot of money on your dream home by being just outside of the town or neighborhood that you originally wanted.
  • Don’t hesitate or that dream home will be gone.  If you like it, you should put a ring on it, or in this case a key ring.  Make that offer early and make it un-resistible to the sellers.
  • Don’t under bid.  Listen to the professionals when it comes to making an offer.  If you truly see yourself in this home, make your offer reflect that.  Put your best offer forward.
  • Have patience.  You may have put your best offer forward and the seller’s chose another buyer.  Understand there are many factors to a real estate offer.  Talk to our professionals about how we can help you to make your offer stand out.