Business Spotlight – Treworgy & Baldacci Real Estate Closing Services

Every new home buyer or homeowner ready to sell is in need of a great title company to help them get to the closing table on time and with the least amount of stress. However, most people don’t know what a title company does, or even how to go about choosing one.

We of course work with many, many title companies throughout Southern Maine, and have become close with one company, and one Closer in particular. Treworgy & Baldacci services all of  Southern Maine with three offices located in Bangor, Auburn, and Scarborough. The Marketer/Closer at their Scarborough office, Brittany Newman, joined them in 2017. Brittany knows just how to get clients through their closing quickly and easily. Her and her entire team work diligently and tirelessly for all of their clients.

Today, Brittany answers some helpful questions to give us a better idea of why it’s great to work with her and her team:

Q. What do you love most about working in title services? A. I love all of the people I get to meet during closings. Watching first time home buyers faces as the keys are handed over is my favorite feeling.

Q. What makes T&B stand out from other title companies? A. Treworgy and Baldacci is a small family business. We take pride in not only making sure our employees are happy but every single person who comes through our doors. I’m proud to work for a company who continues to take any extra steps necessary to ensure a smooth closing transaction for everyone involved.

Q. Why is working with a great title company important when buying or selling a home? A. Working with a great title company is extremely important to ensure a smooth closing. I have heard horror stories about deals falling through because something was missed during title work. I am so fortunate to be a part of a team that has extraordinary attention to detail and an “all hands on deck” attitude.

Q. What’s the most frequently asked question you’ve received at the closing table? A. Taxes are always the most confusing component for buyers and sellers to understand! Each town has different due dates and pay periods. You typically pay three months forward and three months backwards. How we came up with tax prorations is the most frequently asked question

Q. What’s your favorite part of performing a closing? A. My favorite part of performing a closing is when sellers share stories about their home with the new buyers. The passing of the baton if you will.

Q. What’s one good piece of advice you can give to anyone thinking of buying or selling? A. Make sure you have a great realtor and lender! They are your savior throughout the entire transaction.

To learn more about Treworgy & Baldacci’s services, multiple office locations, and amazing teams, you can visit their website here.