Business Spotlight: Float Harder

If you are looking to relax or need relief from chronic pain, you will want to book yourself an appointment at Float Harder, located at 500 Washington Avenue, Portland.  Float Harder is a sensory deprivation tank center with multiple sizes of float tanks filled with one thousand pounds of medical grade Epsom salt and water which is warmed to the temperature of your skin, about 93.5 degrees.  Your private spa room is beautiful!   After a quick shower, you will enter your float pod, or float room, lay back, and float weightlessly throughout your session.  It’s amazing to say the least.
This isn’t some new “fad”.  Floating was first invented in 1954 and is now widely used around the globe to help reduce stress, pain and more easily induce a meditative state.  The owner’s, James and Amy Harder are local Mainer’s making it possible for us all to enjoy this amazing floating therapy.
“Amy and I had tried floating back in 2010 while living in Colorado” said co-owner James Harder. “In 2013 we returned home to Maine to hike the Appalachian Trail. After completing the 2,200 mile trek from Georgia to Maine we were sore, tired and wanted a place to float. There were no commercially available float tanks in the state at that time so we got to work on saving and putting together a business plan. With the help of an amazing lender from Bangor savings, a wonderful SCORE business mentor, and support from countless other friends and family, about two and a half years since its conception Float Harder opened its doors at 500 Washington Ave. Since then we have shared the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of floating with thousands of people and made a lot of great friends.”
Float Harder will be hosting a virtual open house on April 14th from 3:00- 5:00pm in honor of their 5 year birthday.  There will be sales and giveaways!!.  More information can be found on Float Harder’s social media or by signing up for their newsletter.